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Whether your current marketing strategy is not working as you'd planned or you're simply looking to take consumer awareness from A to A+, we have a range of solutions that fit businesses and nonprofits on each end of the spectrum and everywhere in-between.  Ultimately we want to see you get the most value for your dollars.


How effectively are you communicating and are you even aware of what you may be saying? With a communications audit we analyze both external and internal communications for appropriateness and correctness of message. From wayfinding to e-mail we take a look at how you may be presenting your business and its message.  With a Communications Audit, we help to develop the communications strategy that is most effective for your organization.


Public relations is key to developing your brand. In order for prospective clients or patrons to buy into your cause, you must first generate an awareness for that which makes your organization stand out.  Difficult message to deliver? We can help tailor your message the best way to provide the best information for all involved. 


Curious about the opinions of your customers? Donors? Prospects? Considering a change in your business or organization?  EAS conducts single or multiple focus groups to provide a third party assessment of the wants, needs & opinions of your supporters.


 Our primary presenter has been known for his dynamic, creative and interactive presentations for over 25 years and posseses a Masters in Philanthropic Studies and Bachelors in Management & Communication.  He will build a rapport with your audience and engage them in thought provoking discussion and learning. 


To cover all the "what ifs" in life, your organization may need a crisis communication plan that is readily available in case the unexpected happens. We can help you draft this plan so you're always ready for whatever life throws your way and ensure smooth continuity.


EAS has conducted workshops and training on all aspects of nonprofits, plus branding, marketing, and communications for small businesses. We can tailor a training or presentation for your organization.


Communities cannot thrive without strong leaders. We're here to help develop those leaders and make your community all it is destined to be!  We can work with you to determine the best program format and deliver the content you desire to make the program a success.


You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Great impressions are what gets clients to come back. How can we establish a customer experience where clients feel genuinely cared for and want to refer you? We have solutions to help businesses establish or enhance an experience that will have customers walking through the doors again and again.


As a Certified DISC Trainer we offer workshops and customized sessions for individuals, nonprofits, businesses, and other groups seeking to build a stronger team.  For more information on our DISC offerings and potential options, click here.

Emotional Intelligence

We know that there are a number of qualities that increase your chances for a successful career.  One of those is your emotional intelligence, ability to handle your emotions and recognize the needs of others.  You can take a sample quiz to assess your own emotional intelligence by clicking here.


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