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Every nonprofit or business can benefit from having a digital checkup!  Think of it like your personal health.  You want to know if something is not right or may impact your well being going forward. Your digital assets are just as important to the health of your organization, which is why it is wise to have a digital review of your online assets.


Best of all, we have no vested interest in providing recommendations for change since we are not in the business of creating and maintaining digital assets. We are, however, in touch with best practices for nonprofits and small businesses surrounding an online presence. Our objective review analyzes from the same perspective as your donors, clients, and or customers and provides candid recommendations for improvement in a multiple-page report. 


Our digital review product covers these four key areas:


Web Presence


We review your website content (single site), ease of use, branding, ability to locate information, and its mobile responsiveness. We also look at your search engine presence, listings, and other collateral such as reviews.


Social Media


We'll follow your social media activity (3 account maximum) for no less than seven days. The goal is to assess the branding, tone, engagement, and opportunities for connection, making recommendations for improvement.


Giving Platform or Customer Service


We analyze the ease of giving and/or obtaining customer service and the response time. We also pay attention to the branding and consistency of messaging in the appeals or service.




Digital communications are reviewed and analyzed. This includes email communications, messaging, newsletters, and more.


Our final report and recommendations will be delivered electronically within 15 business days of your submission of asset information.  It will include a virtual call and review of the findings for your leadership.


Take advantage of this unique opportunity to see your DR and improve the health of your online presence.  It's yet another advancement strategy that our firm is pleased to offer.

Digital Review

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