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Personal Coaching

Do you have a major presentation pending? Has your life changed, or would you like to have an objective viewpoint and plan for dealing with a new situation? Are you seeking a light in the darkness?

Coaching is only as good as your desire to improve and a knowledgeable and experienced coach to guide you.  Accountability is one of the many benefits that coaching brings, as is the ability to set goals and pursue outcomes that will profoundly impact your future. 


We celebrate your success when seeing your progress in one of our key focus areas.  Contact us if you are looking to deliver a better speech or presentation, find your new purpose following a life-changing event, seek help in navigating the career maze, or are a nonprofit executive looking to provide better leadership.

A few of the potential coaching structures are listed below; however, we are always happy to have conversations about what your needs look like.

What Our Clients Say

  • Purpose - Life Coach

    Every month
    Finding Your Purpose requires an objective viewpoint.
    • Finding Your Purpose e-book
    • Finding Your Purpose Workbook
    • Monthly Coaching Calls
    • Monthly Plan & Goal Identification
  • Purpose - Life Coach

    Every month
    Advanced Program
    • Finding Your Purpose e-book
    • Finding Your Purpose Workbook
    • Access to multiple resources and exclusive blog posts
    • Excel plan template
    • Weekly Outcome tracking
    • Monthly coaching calls
  • Presentation Coach

    Guidance in making a speech or presentation.
    • Up to three weekly coaching calls
    • Content review and critique
    • Presentation slide deck commentary
    • Virtual presentation review and suggestions
    • Effective presentations resources and recommendations
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Youth Services Organization, Executive Director

"I can't tell you exactly how much I look forward to our regular coaching calls. It is so comforting to know I have a voice of reason that can help me sort through the issues we're having."

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