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Every board needs the opportunity to get away from the regular meeting routine and take time to focus, plan and evaluate. We have a wide range of experience in advancing organizations through strategic planning or other issues that need a board focus.  


A strategic plan is key to being able to execute long range objectives. We help organizations develop a strategic advancement map that moves them to the next level.  Our strategic plans are dynamic and we give you the tools to ensure it stays that way and not be one that just sits on the shelf.


Primary data is crucial to developing a client-driven business model and providing the correct programming for a nonprofit. If you're looking to gain much needed information from your market, donors or clients we're here to help assemble and administer the survey or assess the status of your program.


Community Visioning aligns the goals and objectives of organizations and residents, providing clear direction for elected officials. Pursuit of the vision launches new projects and draws support around common goals. We can help provide the structure you need to see the advancement of projects resulting from a clear vision. Talk to us!


Think of it as a GPS  for your organization or its executive. The nonprofit sector can provide interesting twists and turns and if you have a corporate background you may be in for a shock.  It can be lonely at the top and our coaching can provide a safe and valued space to learn and grow. Let our years of experience help guide your nonprofit on the right path.  Check out our coaching options linked here.


The DISC Assessment is a behavioral assessment that will give you a greater insight into who you are, both as a person and as a professional. Once you complete this assessment, our consultant will teach you how to use your strengths to help you develop your skills to become an even more effective professional.


Our primary presenter has been known for his dynamic, creative and interactive presentations for over 25 years and posseses a Masters in Philanthropic Studies and Bachelors in Management & Communication.  He will build a rapport with your audience and engage them in thought provoking discussion and learning. 


Volunteers play a vital role in the nonprofit sector, and without them, many organizations cannot function. When recruitment seems like a locked door to your organization, we've got the key!  We can help you develop a volunteer recruitment plan and appropriate recognition.


EAS has conducted workshops and training on all aspects of nonprofits, plus branding, marketing, and communications for small businesses. We can tailor a training or presentation for your organization that produces your desired outcomes.  Visit our sample workshop topic page for the "top twelve."

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