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Sample Workshops

Effective Advancement Strategies has a rich history of making presentations to groups ranging in size from 10 to 1,000.  We understand the dynamics of an engaging workshop and have worked with groups to tailor the length (from two hours to two days) and cover the content they need. 


While we offer customized workshops, we've listed below our "top twelve" targeting important topics in the nonprofit and business sectors.  Please feel free to contact us for further information and consideration.  We can bring you one, or all for a certificate-type program, or build a single-day session incorporating several to meet your specific needs!

1.  Making a 5-Star Impression 
Effective Presentations with Purposeful Impact

Public speaking is high on the list of fears, but it's also high on the list of skills you need to advance your career.  Presentations are a daily fact and if not done effectively we can't advance our idea, make the sale, or attract a donor.  Learn the basics of an impactful presentation, what not to do in your powerpoints, and how to leave them with a STAR, (Something They'll Always Remember.)

REMC Worskhop.JPG
2.  Not for Profit or Not for Posterity?
Sustaining your nonprofit for the next year and next generation

The workshop emphasizes the overall health of the organization and the “Sustainable Seven” keys to ensuring an organization's successful future.  The "competition" for donor dollars have never been so fierce.  Today is the day to begin strategizing, improving, and moving toward your preferred future.

Futuristic Tunnel
NHI Assessment Ad.png
3.  What Do They Know?
Your message and your marketing

Communications and marketing are a fundamental building block in raising awareness and building resources for an NFP.   Learn the basics of branding, narratives, and effective social media.

Word Collage
4.  Creating FUNd Development
Writing impactful grants and raising more funds

The challenges of writing grants and raising funds are small in comparison to the potential rewards when done effectively.  Learn the basic considerations, where to focus your efforts, and the mines to avoid.

5.  Not-So Special Events
Hiding Behind the Masks

Special events can be deceptive, with hidden costs and time-consuming efforts.  This offering provides outcome-based tools and decision-making forms to help you avoid the pitfalls and know when to say no, or move full-speed ahead!

6.  Donor Relationships in 3-D
Learn What You Haven’t Been Seeing

Building deeper donor relationships is not just a good idea, it’s the key to a more stable and stress-free future.  Learn the structure and process and take away memorable ideas to strengthen a donor's connection to your organization.

Donation Jar
7.  Strike it Rich with Volunteers!
A valuable commodity to be handled with care

Volunteers are a tremendous resource and surprisingly there are people who would love to be helping your organization.  How do you recruit, welcome, and retain them?

Volunteer Mug.jpg
8.  Working Together Works
Collaborations and Considerations

Many funders and donors are looking for NFP’s to collaborate and partner for greater results.  What are the major considerations when you embark on this journey and what are the pitfalls?

work together
9.  All Aboard the Leadership Train!
Board Management & Governance

A properly engaged board of directors can transform an NFP.  Learn to recognize when you've derailed and the steps necessary to facilitate strong boards to create strong organizations.

Business Meeting
10.  The Future is Now
Launching Thriving Strategic Plans

A well-thought strategic plan contains several components and requires time, effort, and a pilot.  Learn to successfully build and launch yours while finding the key to engage successful follow-up,– meet SAM – the Strategic Advancement Map.

Drone floating
11.  Motivate your TEAM with DISC
Strengthen Your Organization With a Cohesive Team

Successful nonprofits and businesses have focused teams including the board, staff, and donors.  This in-depth session utilizes the DISC system to provide a unique look into your group’s needs and path for success.  The best teams understand roles, strengths, weaknesses, and where motivation originates.

12.  When Thank You is not Enough
Delivering exceptional customer service

Customer service doesn't need to be a lost art.  Today's businesses and their employees can easily set themselves apart by taking a few extra steps.  Focus on what happens before and after the "thank you" and you'll be amazed at the transformation of your customer experience. 

Coffee Shop Assistant

Want to talk about potential workshop(s)? Email us and tell us a bit about your project!

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