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Nonprofit Webinars

We've led our share of nonprofits and understand the multiple tasks, priorities, and deadlines that needed to be met yesterday!  We know you are busy. We also know you want to stay current, move forward, and grow your organization, ensuring its sustainability for the future. 

That's why we are offering webinars on a variety of topics. They're slightly shorter versions of our workshops, without the need to travel to a location, and lose three hours out of your day. Our webinars are typically 45 to 55 minutes in length and afford you the opportunity to take in the topic at your convenience. Watch today, or next year!

Browse our list below, there are many more on the way!  We've linked you to the purchase landing page which is where you can enter your special code and if there are other topics of interest, send us a quick note using the contact us form!

Board Governance

Board Governance

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About Your Presenter

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David Fry, MPS, CDT

David has over 25 years of practical and professional experience in the nonprofit sector including founding three nonprofits. He has a masters degree in philanthropic studies and a bachelor's in management & communication. Fry participated in and led several successful capital campaigns, served on dozens of boards, and led a Hospital Foundation for 10 years as its first staff member. He has been recognized for his community service and efforts to promote philanthropy. Fry is the author of three books: Build a Nonprofit Castle, which encourages organizations to look within to build a stronger organization, Purpose in the Darkness, which tells his personal story of an inordinate amount of loss in life, and Finding Your Purpose in the Darkness, which helps individuals find purpose after loss.



"Has me thinking in different ways."

"Lots of ideas to think about."

"Good content to understand the topic."

"Very informative."

"Great ideas!"

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In just 45 minutes of your time, this valuable webinar will provide you with a wealth of information, valuable tools to help you implement the concepts presented, and thought-provoking ideas to ensure your organization is headed for a healthy, sustainable future.


The webinar is appropriate for any organization that is seeking to improve its board governance practices and build a more effective organization. You receive more than 20 handouts and forms to help you on your journey!

Donor relationships exist in another dimension and it's up to us to cultivate those relationships. Building deeper donor relationships is not just a good idea, it’s the key to a more stable and stress-free future.  


Learn the structure and process and take away memorable ideas and handouts to strengthen a donor's connection to your organization.

Did you know that a large percentage of organizations in the United States are falling short on their planning efforts? It's true, most spend more time planning their next trip to the beach than they do determining where their organization is headed!


This webinar provides the tools and information you need to justify and deliver a planning process. Why wait? The longer you put off the process, the more difficult it is to reach the destination you desire. 

Titles Coming Later in 2024!

Not So Special Events!

Strike it Rich with Volunteers

Working Together Works!

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