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I can help you implement fundraising plans that get results.

Are you ready to take your nonprofit to the next level?

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Hi, I'm David!
founder and CEO of Effective Advancement Strategies

After spending years leading nonprofit organizations, I entered the world of consulting to advance charitable missions on a larger scale. Whether you're a small but mighty team of volunteers or a national nonprofit, I understand what it takes to raise funds and help organizations realize their potential.

Stop Fundraising. Start Connecting.

What if we told you that you were making fundraising a lot harder than it needs to be? And what if we said your return on investment could be a lot higher with one simple technique: putting people before money.

Friendraising is a better approach.

A New Perspective

If you take a connection-first, donation-second approach, it changes the way you approach development. Trust is central to nonprofit development, and if you build trust first, the ask will be a lot easier. The response is likely to be more favorable, too!

No Better Time to Start

If you come from a nonprofit that has relied heavily on special events, you know that there is a long lead time. With friendraising, just pick up the phone, set up a time to grab coffee with donors, and tell them what you're up to.

Develop Major Gifts

By building authentic relationships with major gift donors, you will be able to generate more funds, and your experience as a development professional will be a lot more fulfilling, too.

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10 Reasons to Stop Fundraising and Start Connecting

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