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learn What Makes You Tick!

Proven for decades, the DISC system is an effective way to understand motivations, behaviors & preferences.


It starts with the online DISC assessment, a series of questions that will ultimately determine your behavioral preference. After your type is determined the system will then generate a detailed report about your behaviors, how your personality works with others, and potential career matches. 


The DISC system is perfect for anyone needing to establish direction or build a better team.  Students or adults seeking to determine the best matches for their career choices will find the resulting career-match assessments to be insightful.


If you've taken a DISC before, but life has changed, the influences may make it beneficial to take it again.

DISC Motivations-Fears.png

Are you...


    DISC Assesment:

  • 24 Questions

  • Online Assessment

  • Results e-mailed

  • 20+ page review

  • Professional analysis

  • Potential Coaching Call

  • Group presentations available



"The DISC Assessment has been a terrific resource for me. It has helped me learn more about who I am, and has taught me the value of differing opinions in collaborative work. If you purchase a DISC assessment with EAS, I urge you to spend the extra $25 for a coaching session! The consultant will be able to talk with you about your personality and help you learn how to become more effective in both your career and in everyday life." - College Student

"DISC training provides an opportunity to evaluate the communication effectiveness of yourself and those you work closely with." - Workshop Participant

"Helps clarify ones own strengths and weaknesses relative to interpersonal communications. Also reinforces fact that people differ and this makes conflict likely. Provides strategies for better interpersonal communication." - Workshop Participant

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