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Are you ready for a new kind of Board Meeting?  The use of the Board Buzz card deck can add a new dimension to the typcial, routine agenda.  Get the Board engaged and talking about the things that matter!


Incorporating future-oriented discussion can help bridge the gap between an average meeting and a fun, productive one.  Virtual Board Meetings have become more commonplace, but they're not always as productive. The Board Buzz card deck can help virtual meetings as well.  We recommend the chair retains the cards and uses them in one of the variations included.


In actuality, couldn't all of your board meetings be more productive?  Even when you're sitting across the table from one another, meetings get off track for a variety of reasons.  Now you can ace your "bored" meetings with BOARD Buzz, a new, fun nonprofit card deck designed to stimulate deeper board meeting conversations!  It may be as simple as drawing a single card for discussion at each meeting or using one of the more involved variations if you wish.


The Board Buzz Deck includes 52 cards, each with different thought-provoking questions in four important "suits"; Finance, Programming, Operations and Human Resources.  The cards will prompt your board to think about everything from your mission to fundraising, your volunteer engagement and more!  


Sample questions in each "suit"  include:



"How have we invested in our fundraising capacity?"



"How do we evaluate the success of our programs?"



"In what manner do we evaluate our staff?"



"What risks are we managing and in what way?"


There are 13 questions in each suit realted to that area of oversight.


Every card contains two, boxed words relating to nonprofit operations such as "Development Plan," "Volunteers," "Donations," "Financial Reports," "Vision," "Outsourcing," and many more.  Each provides an opportunity for further discussion and a means for forming groups or raising issues for discusssion.


The deck includes instructions for multiple variations of usage and is a great fit for your board meetings or even a board retreat. Instructions suggest scheduling 10 minutes at every board meeting to generate discussion and strategic direction. However, the cards are designed to allow discussion of the featured question, or you can break into smaller groups to discuss the "buzz" words or "suit" of the card, and much more!  After the main event, the cards can even be used as traditional playing cards.


Most every board meeting could use new life and challenging conversations.  Board Buzz will make that a reality for your organization.  Make this important investment in your organization today!

BOARD Buzz Card Deck

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