How strong is your mission & vision?

What do you want to accomplish?

Which are the key objectives and milestones that will get you there?  

Developing an effective strategy is key to your organizational and individual success.  Most importantly, you need tools to ensure the vision is more than just another plan that sits on a shelf.  Check out our strategy services.





Nearly every organization can use professional assistance in communicating with their donors, clients or media.   An outside perspective often uncovers surprising results through focus groups, positive public relations and communications audits.  What are you saying to your supporters?  Better yet, what would you like to say?



Development takes on many forms.  Organizations look to fundraising and individuals may look to personal growth.  We take pride in helping both develop positive relationships on a daily basis.

Some organizations need a development plan, others are considering capital campaigns, special events or direct mail.  Individuals look to coaching or a DISC behavioral assessment. 




Since 2015, Effective Advancement Strategies has been helping organizations and people find new levels of impact and effectiveness.  With our experience on both sides of the desk, when it comes to business and nonprofit concerns, we specialize in strategic planning, marketing and fundraising.  We enjoy meeting with clients to develop new projects, and explore potential opportunities with no obligations.  




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