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We understand that not every organization may have the funds to hire a consultant to help them with their strategic planning.  To be frank, not every organization needs to do so. This strategic planning package for a single organization may be the answer for your organization.


This "standard" package will help you build the case for planning, provide the steps required, give you an expectations statement for your board to sign, conduct a complete board assessment with five custom questions, provide an example of a strategic planning calendar and includes all of the following:


Board Assessment Administration  (15 or less)      $399 value


Board Chair/Executive Worksheet  $4.95 value

Strategic Planning Preparations   $4.95 value

Strategic Planning Steps    $4.95 value

Strategic Planning Process Outline     $4.95 value

Five Paths to Strategic Thinking    $4.95 value

Top Ten Impacts of Strategic Planning    $4.95 value

Strategic Planning Expectations     $4.95 value

Planning a Preferred Future     $4.95 value

Seven Sustainability Habits  $4.95 value 

Strategic Planning Tools     $4.95 value

Strategic Planning Components     $4.95 value

Strategic Advancement Map     $9.95 value



The entire package value is $463.40


Package discount of 15%


Check here for the basic package of documents alone

Strategic Planning Package - Basic | Effective Strategies (


Check here for the premium package including coaching or retreat hosting:

Strategic Planning Package - Premium | Effective Strategies (

Strategic Planning Package - Standard

  • Board Assessment Administration Process


    1.  Within two business days following purchase you will be sent a copy of the assessment with the option to add custom introduction, logo, and up to five (5) custom questions along with a completion deadline.

    2.  You will provide e-mail addresses via an excel spreadsheet for sending the assessments directly to your Board members, staff or volunteers.

    3.  Once the completion deadline passes, the survey will be turned off and summary data gathered for returning to you within seven days.


  • The Basic Planning Package consists of documents only.


    The Premium Planning Package includes the documents, the board assessment, plus a professionally facilitated board retreat either virtually or in person.  Travel and lodging will apply outside of the Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Louisville triangle.

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