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We've been working with nonprofits for over 30 years and officially consulting with them for the past eight.  Volunteers are a group that we've managed, directed, and supported.  We know how important volunteer resources are, plus, they are twice as likely to contribute to our organizations!  


Volunteers are a key resource for nonprofit organizations. Yet, they are seldom valued or managed properly. Our best practices package provides structure, guidance, ideas, and resources to either launch or grow your volunteer program.


There are basic foundational considerations highlighted in this package.  It provides the tools needed for managing your volunteer program including the following:


Three Basic Volunteer Program Keys  $4.95 value

Volunteer Program Infrastructure   $4.95 value 

Volunteer Recuitment Steps   $4.95 value

Sample Volunteer Job Description   $4.95 value

Volunteer Management  $4.95 value 

Volunteer Motivations   $4.95 value

15 Volunteer Appreciation Hacks  $4.95 value 

Sample Thank You Letter Outline   $4.95 value

Volunteer Feedback Questions   $4.95 value

6 Reasons Why Volunteers Stop   $4.95 value

7 Keys to Business Volunteer Programs   $4.95 value

Volunteer Promotion Dates    $4.95 value

Sample Volunteer Resources   $4.95 value


Product images show only introduction portion of documents received.


A consultant would charge well over $500 for providing the information included in this package.  The price of this package of documents, if purchased individually would be over $60.


Volunteer Program Mgmt Package

$39.95 Regular Price
$29.95Sale Price
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