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We've all been involved with strategic planning that seemed to go nowhere.  The planning was effective and the direction established, but there was no real implementation, or no one was held accountable for its implemenation.  The Strategic Advancement Map changes that.


In it's quick overview form, the Strategic Advancement Map will give focus to the strategic plan initiatives of your organization. The customizable form provides a basis for the mapping process and the “Why” of the goal and objectives, an important key to success.


This Word document, in easy table format, contains instructions that outline the completion process so that you can make your own changes and alterations. The form completion and update for your board will ensure that your strategic plan doesn't just sit on the shelf and gather dust.  Rather, your board will have a dashboard tool that enables regular review and action on planning items.


This is the one tool that maintains the focus on your plan that it deserves.

Strategic Advancement Map

  • The Strategic Advancement Map is a Word document that can be modified easily according to the needs of your organization.

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