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It's never been more important to tell your organization's story. While this can be done in dozens of ways, our "step-up stories" use photos from your events, programming, facilities, and staff to tell the story of your impact. Once you purchase this product, you will receive a download of a pdf form for completion.  The form will ask for information about your organization, mission, desired outcomes, usage, and more. You will also be provided with the next steps for uploading your photos.


Once the initial draft of your video is complete, you will be allowed up to three revisions of the product to achieve the final cut. The final cut will be subject to final payment based on the agreed-upon amount ranging from $250 for eight photos up to $450 for 16. photos.

Step Up Stories Video Production

  • With this purchase, you are agreeing to pay an additional amount to be paid after your story video is complete. That amount will be based upon the number of of photos utilized and range from an additional $250 for 8 photos to $450 for 16 photos.

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