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This introductory booklet highlights the key problems in finding your purpose.  It's a great thought-generator for those considering coaching.


There are many times in our lives where we are left with searching for a new purpose and it can be a daunting task.  Often, it helps to have an objective viewpoint, an experienced person, and a trained individual to help us navigate the unknown to emerge from the darkness.


These are some of the instances where life's purpose coaching can provide direction:


The loss of a job or determining a new career path.

Starting a new chapter in life when kids head off to school, or the last child leaves home.

The heartbreaking loss of a loved one or someone for whom you were primary caregiver.

Retirement or moving to a new community.

Losing a home or residence beyond our control.


The personal coaching we offer is not therapy or counseling and it is focused on the future rather than the past.  It's about moving forward while moving through.  Yes, past events will surface and be acknowledged for how they impact our ability to move forward, but they are not "treated" or resolved.


Finding a new purpose in life is vital if we are to lead a more joyful and interactive life.  It's what will get us up in the morning and working toward a goal that brings satisfaction and enjoyment back into our lives.


Our personal coaching is also available for those seeking input and helpful hints on an important presentation or speech, the right career moves, or establishing the best match for a career.  For other coaching specialties click here.



Personal Coaching - Life's Purpose Intro

  • Coaching plans are tailored to each individual and start at the $99 level.  More information on Life Purpose Coaching is available by clicking here.

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