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DISC Assessments are valuable tools but even more so when combined with a personal coaching call.  We review your assessment and make recommendations based on the data presented.  The DISC assessments raise your awareness and provide unprecedented insight into your relationships and challenges.  With just 24 questions to answer the resulting report provides 24+ pages of assessment and review.  You'll learn to identify other personality types and how to build the best teams.  You'll also find the best career fit for your gifts and abiilites.


The DISC Assessment matches its respondents with a key word to descripe their personality: Dominant, Influencing, Stable, Complient. Each of these words carries with it a grat deal of information about a personality. In your assessment report, you will have access to many useful sections. These include understanding your style, historical characters who share your personality type, how to communicate with you, how you communicate with others of different personality types,  and potential careers for someone with your personality type. See the testimonial below to learn how DISC has affected our past clients:


"The DISC Assessment has been a terrific resource for me. It has helped me learn more about who I am, and has taught me the value of differing opinions in collaborative work."


The coaching call adds another level of understanding of the assessment and one's relationship in working with others.

DISC Assessment w/Coaching

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