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Development Programs are an important component of any organization.  Some excel, while others struggle with the concept.  This is  great package for a single organization to start conversations about your development program and put some of the infrastructure in place.


We understand that not every organization may have the funds to hire a consultant to help them with their fund development.  This development package may be the answer for your organization.


The Basic package includes the following documents:


Sample Gift Range Charts  $4.95 value

Board Development Expectations  $4.95 value

Building Donor Loyalty & Trust $4.95 value

Case Statement Points  $4.95 value

Development Audit Process  $4.95 value

Development Plan Components  $4.95 value

Donor Connection Matrix  $4.95 value

The Giving Corridor  $4.95 value

Development Matrix $4.95 value

Inspiring Donor Language $4.95 value

Making the Ask  $4.95 value

Steps From Prospect To Donor $4.95 value

Donor Relationship Management  $4.95 value

Wheel of Revenue $4.95 value

Vital Statistic Outline $4.95 value

Why Donors Give $4.95 value

Why Donors Keep Giving $4.95 value

Why Donors Stop Giving $4.95 value





The entire package value is $89.10


Package discount of 25%

Development Package

  • This Basic development package includes 18 documents that will help to provide a foundation for your development program.  


    The Standard development package linked here includes a professional development audit.

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