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This comprehensive package contains over 50 products to be used with a single organization that encompass the following segment packages:




Assessment Administration (15 or less) $399 value

Strategic Planning Preparations $4.95 value

Strategic Planning Steps $4.95 value

Strategic Planning Process Outline $4.95 value

Five Paths to Strategic Thinking $4.95 value

Top Ten Impacts of Strategic Planning $4.95

Strategic Planning Expectations $4.95 value

Planning a Preferred Future $4.95

Strategic Planning Tools $4.95

Strategic Planning Components $4.95

Strategic Advancement Map $9.95 value


Coaching and Retreat facilitation for up to six hours over one or two sessions. ($1,800)

A block of time in retreat allows for discussions that otherwise wouldn't happen, lends itself to creative and open discussion of the future, and provides the opportunity for more in-depth discussion of issues and direction. 





Chair/Exec Planning Worksheer $4.95 value

Building an Impactful Board $4.95 value

Board Matrix Template $4.95 value

Conflict of Interest Statement $4.95 value

Board Legal Responsibilities $4.95 value

Board Responsibilities $4.95 value

Board Expectations $4.95 value

Board Meeting Agenda $4.95 value

Board Meeting Minutes Template $4.95

Organizational Development Committee Description $4.95 value

Quick Assessment - Staff $4.95 value

Quick Assessment - Board $4.95 value

Seven Sustainability Habits  $4.95 value

Nonprofit Health Index Administration $19.95 value




Sample Gift Range Charts $4.95 value

Board Development Expectations $4.95 value

Building Donor Loyalty & Trust $4.95 value

Case Statement Points $4.95 value

Development Audit Process $4.95 value

Development Plan Components $4.95 value

Donor Connection Matrix $4.95 value

Development Matrix $4.95 value

Steps from Prospect to Donor $4.95

Inspiring Donor Language $4.95 value

The Giving Corridor $4.95

Making the Ask $4.95 value

Donor Relationship Management $4.95 value

Wheel of Revenue $4.95 value

Vital Statistic Outline $4.95 value

Why Donors Give $4.95 value

Why Donors Keep Giving $4.95 value

Why Donors Stop Giving $4.95 value


Conduction of Development Audit - (16-24 hour engagement) $2,500




Three Basic Volunteer Program Keys  $4.95 value

Volunteer Program Infrastructure  $4.95 value

Volunteer Recuitment Steps  $4.95 value

Sample Volunteer Job Description  $4.95 value

Volunteer Management  $4.95 value

Volunteer Motivations  $4.95 value

15 Volunteer Appreciation Hacks  $4.95 value

Sample Thank You Letter Outline  $4.95 value

Volunteer Feedback Questions  $4.95 value

6 Reasons Why Volunteers Stop  $4.95 value

7 Keys to Business Volunteer Programs  $4.95 value

Volunteer Promotion Dates  $4.95 value

Sample Volunteer Resources  $4.95 value


A complementary paperback copy of "Build a Nonprofit Castle"



$4,966.45 Value

Comprehensive Package

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