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Build a Nonprofit Castle - With 8 Tools Hidden in the Sands is a must-read for any nonprofit executive or volunteer board member. It provides simple and practical recommendations for elevating the impact of your organization using tools you already possess.

David J. Fry, MPS is a nonprofit consultant backed by 30+ years of practical experience. His eight key points are rooted in his founding of four nonprofit organizations, serving on the boards of dozens of local, regional, and state organizations and working behind the desk in the C Suite of two different nonprofits for a total of 10 years.

The recommendations are perfect for an organization with few resources but seeking to cultivate more from what they already possess. From reimagining your mission, to strengthening your development program, or your relationship with volunteers, you'll pick up practical advice that can move your organization forward.


From the Preface 

"Isn’t it exciting to think that you have the ability to transform your organization just by implementing the suggestions made in this book? I have no doubt you have the sand to build the castle! It won’t be easy, you can’t do it yourself, and you have got to be open to considering some new takes on old problems. Oh, and there’s one more thing that you need to have to take on this responsibility. Passion.

Build a Nonprofit Castle - ebook

  • This ebook downloads as a continuous pdf file of 102 pages.  A traditional e-reader book is available through Amazon Kindle linked here:  Build a Nonprofit Castle

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