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Getting Board Governance right is paramount to building a successful organization.  That often means ongoing education in board best practices, and an opportunity to step back from the everyday workings of the orgnization to meet in a retreat format.  


A block of time in retreat allows for discussions that otherwise wouldn't happen, lends itself to creative and open discussion of the future, and provides the opportunity for more in-depth discussion of issues and direction. 


The Premium Board Governance package for a single organization includes the following:


Chair/Exec Planning Worksheet    $4.95 value

Building an Impactful Board    $4.95 value

Board Matrix Template    $4.95  value

Conflict of Interest Statement    $4.95  value

Board Legal Responsibilities     $4.95  value

Board Responsibilities  Value $4.95

Board Expectations    $4.95  value

Board Meeting Agenda    $4.95  value

Consent Agenda Items    $4.95

Board Meeting Minutes Template     $4.95  value

Organizational Development Committee Description     $4.95  value

Quick Assessment - Staff   $4.95  value

Quick Assessment - Board   $4.95  value

Seven Sustainability Habits  $4.95 value



Nonprofit Health Index Administration   $19.95  value

Full Confidential Board Assessment   $399  value (15 or less)


Document guidance and retreat facilitation for up to six hours over one or two sessions    $1,800  value


Total  value  $2,288.25



Package discount 10%



Board Governance Package -PREMIUM

  • The Premium Governance Package includes the documents, the board assessment, plus a professionally facilitated board retreat either virtually or in person.  Travel and lodging will apply outside of the Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Louisville triangle.


    The Basic Governance Package includes foundational governance documents and forms.


    The Standard Governance Package includes the documents, plus an NHI assessment, and a full board assessment.


    Board Assessment Administration

    1.  Within two business days after purchase you will be sent a copy of the assessment with the option to add custom introduction, logo, and up to five (5) custom questions along with a completion deadline.

    2.  You will provide e-mail addresses via an excel spreadsheet for sending the assessments directly to your Board members, staff or volunteers.

    3.  Once the completion deadline passes, the survey will be turned off and summary data gathered for returning to you within seven days.

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