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It is imperative that Boards periodically assess how they are doing relative to best practices in governance, programming, fundraising and human resources, both paid and volunteer.  We've got the solution for you!  This comprehensive assessment is administered by us via e-mail and summary results provided within a guaranteed seven days of the final responses being received.  Often the summary will be provided earlier.


Sample assessment statements include:

  •   Our Board has an up-to-date strategic plan.
  •   Our Board is engaged, proactive, and helpful in promoting the organization's mission.
  •   Meetings of our Board are interactive, future-oriented, and worthwhile.
  •   We have a development (fundraising) plan that facilitates continued growth in donor support.
  •   The Board understands the fundraising strategy and supports those efforts. 
  •   Our marketing efforts are consistent in their look and message.
  •   Our budget reflects our strategic priorities.


We offer the most confidential way for you to conduct a board assessment by having a third party (EAS) send and analyze the responses.  As a result, respondents are much more likely to provide the candid responses you desire.


This standard assessment is provided for up to 25 Board Members.  If you'd like to reach out to additional members or volunteers please select the premium option.


Once your purchase is made you will be emailed the sample assessment and asked to add up to five additional custom questions.  You'll then provide the e-mail addresses and we do the rest!


This is a fantastic exercise to preface a board retreat or to launch a strategic planning effort.  Gain a better understanding of your organization's position and needs.

Board Assessment Administration - Standard (16 to 25)

  • 1.  Shortly after purchase you will be sent a copy of the assessment with the option to add custom introduction, logo, and up to five (5) custom questions along with a completion deadline.

    2.  You will provide e-mail addresses via an excel spreadsheet for sending the assessments directly to your Board members, staff or volunteers.

    3.  Once the completion deadline passes, the survey will be turned off and summary data gathered for returning to you within seven days.

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