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We know there are days that prayer isn't easy, is it? Some days we don't know what to pray. Sometimes it feels like our prayers aren't very effective. The Bible can be tremendously helpful in this regard. It can give us direction for our prayers, and it can provide us with powerful words to say to God.


In this book, you will find 31 short prayers to God. Each prayer is preceded by a scripture verse, and they are organized into days of the month or the subject you may need. Forgiveness? Strength? Health? Friends? Children? Hope?  Whatever your need may be this small devotional is sure to help you find the right words. 


You can use these prayers as a way to start your own personal conversation with God, or you can use them as a guide for your prayer time. Either way, these prayers will help you to draw closer to God and to experience His power and presence in your life.


Beyond the Clouds Devotional

  • You will receive a link to a downloadable flipbook 72 pages in length.

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