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Strategic planning is advanced with your organization identifying its preferred future and developing a plan which allows it to create its preferred future. Let’s face it, if we take no steps to move to that preferred path we may end up with the probably route. That route is rooted in the history that has brought us to today, and will be filled with the same type of activity that has gotten us here.


The diagram below helps us see that the longer we wait to make the necessary moves toward our preferred future, the wider the gap becomes, and the more difficult it will be to achieve. In identifying the preferred future it's good for us to consider the other three options as noted below, the possible future, the plausible one and the probable future. Giving consideration to these other futures will help us drill down to our preferred future. You’ll recognize the preferred future because it is the one option that offers the most opportunity, is the most exciting, and is likely to gain the most support, while expanding our organization’s impact. We encourage you to share the concept with all involved with your strategic planning efforts.


4  P's of Strategic Future-Oriented Training is included in the Strategic Planning Package

4 P's of Strategic Future-Oriented Training

  • Planning a Preferred Future is available as a part of the Basic Strategic Planning Package or here as a single-page pdf. The image features the introduction from the pdf.

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